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About Me

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Michelangelo Ravagnan
Real Estate Broker

Making your vision a reality

Born in Venice Italy, I'm an entrepreneur, avid sailor and kitesurfer interested in the environment, with a love of nature and healthy living. These passions led me to manage my family’s organic farm and retreat, combined with my experience in the supply chain of the food & beverage industry of various retail sizes.


I was raised in the real estate and hospitality world so when it comes to understanding how to add value to a property, my insight comes from my own experience. I have launched different businesses in these industries, including an online yacht charter agency and a real estate brokerage based in my hometown.

As a real estate broker, I provide an unparalleled ability to reach the market of prospective buyers through my network of individuals who are directly or indirectly searching for prime real estate opportunities. I also work as a property finder to help buyers and tenants find homes and commercial properties in the best locations and at the best price.

Having this as my backyard, I'm selling the lifestyle I grew up in.

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